Another Rove Exit Theory: Cheney Wants Iran

It seems a good bet that Rove, who is no one’s dummy and would not want to have to “spin” an unnecessary war on Iran, lost the battle with Cheney over the merits of a military strike on Iran, and only then decided to spend more time with his family. As for White House spokesperson Pony BlowTony Snow, it seems equally possible that, before deciding he has to make more money, he concluded that his stomach could not withstand the task explaining why Bush/Cheney needed to attack Iran.

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One reply on “Another Rove Exit Theory: Cheney Wants Iran”

  1. This sounds like a more realistic possibility to me. I can’t imagine that Karl Rove would even care about spending more time with his family (the obvious excuse given by all the fired administration upper echelon), but, moreover, I can’t imagine his family wanting to spend more time with him. Anyway, the less Karl Rove and arrogant Tony Snow to deal with the better.

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