And in the Bile-er Than

And in the Bile-er Than Thou Dept: (Filthy Critic)

[15 Minutes] wants to say something about people’s obsession with celebrity and fame, but I’ll be fucked with a rake if I could find it. [Edward] Burns should go back to writing shitty romantic comedies, because his acting sucks the shitdust out of 80-year-old asses. He’s merely competent, and if I wanted competent I would go to Target and watch them stock the paper towel shelf. His “comic” scene of handcuffing a mugger to a tree is about as funny as getting a bloody nose from picking too much.

Hannibal sucked hard enough to rip my entrails out through my ass. Hannibal drips along like the remains of a bad salad bar out my ass: disgusting, boring and with just a little burning sting.






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