Amy Goodman Dresses Down Bill Clinton

Republicans, this bud’s for you. I’d read about indepedent journalist Amy Goodman’s notorious interview four years ago with Bill Clinton in her new book Exception to the Rulers but was trying to find it in their audio archives. They brought it out of the vaults yesterday. He called in right before a broadcast was beginning and Goodman had no time to prepare – and even thought it was a crank call.

They discussed many topics you won’t likely hear raised this week: Leonard Peltier, racial profiling, the Iraqi sanctions, the death penalty, Ralph Nader and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At one point Clinton accused Amy of being “hostile and combative.” On the next day the president’s aides threatened to ban Amy from the White House.

I’m sure some will dismiss her reporting and book as just liberal left noise but at least pick up the book at the bookstore and read one chapter. She’s not partisan and she doesn’t take prisoners.

If Bush or Kerry ever calls in to her show – they’re toast.