Amy Goodman Coming to Chicago

If you don’t listen to Democracy Now every day: you should.

Every day, Amy Goodman details stories you don’t even know, didn’t even consider are happening all over the world – and in your own backyard.

Amy Goodman is on my list of heroes along with Greg Palast and Karen Kwiatowski. People have the guts to stand up and call the lies that shape our lives.

Clinton scolded her: “You have asked questions in a hostile, combative and even disrespectful tone.”

Newt Gingrich called her “the kind of reporter I warned my mother about.”

Last year Goodman sneaked into the World Economic Forum, a hermetically sealed gathering of the powerful (and a few well-behaved journalist guests) in Manhattan. She found Nicholas Platt, a former U.S. ambassador to the Philippines and asked him if American support of Indonesia was worth it, given that its military killed tens of thousands in East Timor. Platt squinted at her and inquired (on the air): “What ax are you grinding right here?” “I survived a massacre in East Timor,” Goodman responded.

Amy Goodman embodies the spirit that sterile 60 Minutes sold off long ago. Go get ’em! When I was a kid we’d watch 60 Minutes every Sunday night with dinner and I would marvel at the lies and schemes that haunted the past and admired the tenacity of the journalists. They were fearless.

She took Charlie Rose down on his own program.

And she’s coming to Chicago!

Every weekday, I stream DemocracyNow during lunch and am using so enraged by the end of the broadcast that I can’t sit still.

As she accepted a prize for that work, Goodman was asked to explain her approach. She replied: “Go where the silence is and say something.






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