America's First Gay Governor

What a double-header! First the 4,000 same-sex marriages in San Fran were voided by the Cali Supremes and then, New Jersey governor Jame McGreevey resigns with:

My truth is that I am a gay American. Shamefully, I engaged in adult consensual affairs with another man, which violates my bonds of matrimony.

You know this never would have happened if he’d been able to marry the guy in the first place.






8 responses to “America's First Gay Governor”

  1. sam Avatar

    Yeah but nobody will see it that way. Instead, “the gays” will get the blame.

  2. thom Avatar

    yeah this will be some shit alright…

  3. JC Avatar

    How is being gay related to/and/or affecting his job to be governer?

  4. Tim Z. Avatar

    It turns out that McGreevey did not step down just because he was gay.
    Byron L. at Burnt Orange Report sorts things out.

    As for McGreevey – there’s several aspects of the resignation speech to explore. Last night I focused on the gay aspect of the resignation. That post was my gut reaction after glossing over the aspects of the resignation. Obviously, the situation is more complicated. I think there are two issues here. First, the gay issue, and second, the issue over the misuse of public money, and power of appointments.

    [ … ]

    Now, as for the real reason over the resignation, after researching the background here, it’s hard to feel too much love for the guy. (I didn’t look too much into the story last night – I was in Austin, at a friend’s place writing the post, as I had just moved my stuff into my apartment – but did not yet have cable or Internet access. I’m back in Dallas now – working for another week before moving back to Austin for the semester).

    Back to the real reason for this whole thing… Golan Cipel. I don’t have much respect for this guy either, as he tried to extort and blackmail McGreevey in order to keep his mouth shut. But, the truth is that McGreevey paid him $110,000 / year for a job in which he was underqualified. That’s hardly excusable, and it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for McGreevey. The whole situation is shameful, and I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it all, but I think the best thing that I can do now is just wait for the facts to come out, and see what happens.

  5. Andy Avatar

    Thank you thank you. I hadn’t updated after I’d read the initial dish. But I float the question: would he have resigned if he’d given the job to a woman?

  6. sam Avatar

    I’ve been questioning the validity of this all… the whole speech, it seemed as if he was wearing a smirk, and his blonde wife was smiling (if only slightly) at his side while he claimed to be gay and that he’d been having an extramarital affair.

    Maybe I’m being a conspiracy theorist, but I was thinking maybe he’s not gay at all and is attempting to scapegoat whatever he did.

    Whatever the case, something doesn’t smell quite right.

  7. Tim Z. Avatar

    But I float the question: would he have resigned if he’d given the job to a woman?

    I see this as an abuse of power. He should have stepped down regardless of the gender of the person he was involved with.

    Unlike Sam, I have no trouble believing that McGreevey is gay. But I do think that his coming out at this time was a cynical attempt to spin the scandal.

    New Jersey is said to be the most corrupt state* in the US. There’s always some official getting caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar. In that context, the gay aspect of this case is the only thing novel about it.

    * It used to be Illinois, but we have been slacking off recently. haha

  8. sam Avatar

    I don’t think he should’ve stepped down because he had the affair, that’s between McGreevey and his wife. I don’t “have trouble” believeing that he is gay, I just question his motives, especially in relation to how he acted, how his wife presented herself and his (alleged?) crooked past. Why believe him now, I say. There’s gotta be a lot more to the story than we know or can imagine.

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