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I guess what I think is interesting about Idold is that the judges actually take the time to berate and degrade the auditioners. I guess that’s part of the act but I can barely stand half an hour of mass auditions without getting glazed over. I’m also surprised they have the three judges and not a group of casting directors. Simon just seems so destructively vindictive – so single-mindedly angry at anyone that dares to waste his time with their talent (or lack thereof). It’s probably for the best that the show is focusing on kids in their late teens and early twenties – if he said this kind of shit about youngsters he’d be lynched by a mob of stage-moms. It just odd that they waste their time with these insults. I guess I feel slight sympathy because I’ve had similar things said to me… plus on the director/producter side, I just don’t see the reason to expend all that bitterness. Oh well – I’m too focused on other things besides money.

Ron and I fell into the inanity that is Joe Milliionaire when they ran two episodes at one time – plus, we’ve got three long weeks until the next episode of 24. I was surpised they let Heidi go so soon – it seems they’d keep her along since she was such a byatch. And I just think that Zora is way too classy for this kind of bullshit and was surpised Dicksmack chose her for the final four.

I still like the idea (I think from The Onion) of renaming these types of shows Who Wants to Be A Money-Grubbing Whore?

But fuck it, I just want to be Ryan Seacrest and host the thing. I think that’d be the bomb. You get to be in the middle of everything – but safely off to the periphery.






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    If we’re talking about the same american idle, than in that case i want CLAY AIKEN to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i fell sorry that vanessa got voted off but hey clay is one step closer to becomming the “american idle”!!!

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