American Dreamz

Is everyone in American a self-absorbed back-stabbing asshole? That is pretty much the thesis of American Dreamz, a American Idol spoof with Mandy Moore, Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, Chris Klein and Marcia Gay Harden (doing a fantastic Laura Bush-inspired First Lady). I have a suspicion that American Dreamz was toned down. There is a ton of possibility in the movie to really have a nice vicious streak but it pulls back (at least until the end). Nothing is more American than a farce where everyone is an egotistical sociopath and the movie starts on that path but doesn’t deliver on the corrosive humor (like a Ruthless People). It has some laughs. An ending that will surprise, and comeuppance that is deserving.

Could someone please swap Chris Klein in for Josh Hartnett’s entire career.






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