Am I a Nuke or Not

Is anyone else baffled that we can’t tell if North Korea did a nuclear test or not? The news says we have seismometers all over the globe. Plus the satellite surveillance. Plus everything else. If we are such a bad-ass military machine why don’t we know if this was really a nuclear test or not? What if this was to be actionable military intelligence? What if it becomes actionable military intelligence?






4 responses to “Am I a Nuke or Not”

  1. Joe Avatar

    Bottom line is they did it and I think our government is just lying as usual. North Korea would have absolutely nothing to gain by announcing they tested a nuclear weapon when they really didn’t. People in this country will believe anything. Even when the Speaker of the House says he doesn’t remember being told multiple times by multiple people about child molestation issues within the Congress.

  2. John O'Bryan Avatar
    John O’Bryan

    what you have is a failure to communicate with all hallows eveing coming we need a bad witch.They exploded under ground bombs from WWII and everyone is running for cover mean while our produce is being comtamited by the e-coli virus…..bad veggies…more rice and beans or rice and beans..back to the loom

  3. Jocko Avatar

    Another failure by our brilliant President and his brilliant administration. Sooo busy telling us how good we have it and how great they are as leaders. Instead of the truth, we are treated to another smoke screen by the Bush adminitration. You know they know, hell the Daily show dedicated a whole 1/2 hour to the Nuke Kid On The Block!

  4. Adam Zimmerman Avatar
    Adam Zimmerman

    Trust me, they did it, and we know they did it, but in the current political atmosphere it’s not hard for the Bush administration to make ‘classified’ any ‘official’ documents concerning N. Korean nuclear tests (USA ranked #53 in the world for freedom of the press, WOOHOO!) and being that our excuse for going into Iraq was WMDs of course they’re playing it down, it just more fuel on the fire.

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