Akebono on Carol's Pub

Ah Carol’s Pub with the shitty facade and rusty hanging sign promising a Live Entertainment and Hot Sandwiches – like that is some kind of draw. I’ve only been there a couple times and it is kind of a dive clientele that was getting more yuppified as the surrounding neighborhood spruced up. Akebono writes:

I went to Carol’s Pub in Uptown. After dancing with another man I was scolded by the bar staff that Carol’s is a ‘straight’ bar, and I should stop or leave. Last time I checked, public accommodations in Cook County are protected by sexual orientation. If you have been asked to stop being gay at Carol’s please let me know.

Idiots. Do they not see that the Uptown has changed? When I lived up there four years ago it was just starting to get the gentry shipped in from Lakeview. Now Uptown and Andersonville are on the fast track. The bars and businesses need to realize that if they open their minds, add small HRC sticker to the front door that they can get a ton more business.

This is like when Caeasar’s bar told 2 women to stop holding hands or touching – that was at least four years ago and no one goes that knows this goes to eat there anymore. This year though, they flew rainbow flags and promised munchies after the parade. 







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