Air Lingus

(dirty anecdote follows)

A friend in the airline industry tells me that on a flight today they notice that the lavatory has been occupied for a very long time. Preparations for landing had begun and the flight attendants were knocking on the door for a while. Finally they disengaged the lock and stumbled in where there were two girls – one girl had her pants down and well… you can guess the rest.

Didn’t they see that the captain had turned off the muff-diving sign?

“Today’s flight will feature complimentary in-flight pussy.”

It was an hour flight.

(Keep in mind that the nearest exit may be behind you.)







6 responses to “Air Lingus”

  1. me Avatar

    I was so embarassed that I could not even look them in the eye when I was handing their “Welcome to Mile High Club Card”

  2. me Avatar

    By the way, I suggested to them that next time, “Use the Lavatory in the very back of the plane it’s got more room!!”

  3. orbicon Avatar

    “Air Lingus”. Lol. What a cunning title.

  4. christine Avatar

    have you heard the saying dont belive half of what you see and better still dont belive a word of what your friend said do you realy think they are going to do such thing for them to louse their jobs cop on you are talking about air lingus you know and they are not just anybody they are air air lingus a verry good company i think your friend wanted to be in the lavatory with you eh what do you thinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. Thin Lizzy

    Air Lingus

  6. ass-eaters

    Air Lingus

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