Air America Radio

As any left-lib worth their salt knows, Air
launched last week – an effort to bring a liberal talk show radio
channel to the masses. I am glad to know that liberal commentators can be just
as abrasive as conservative talkies. I think Al Franken is so much better in
print than heard. Randi Rhodes is as abrasive as Comet cleanser (though her
renaming of Meet the Press as Beat My Meat did make me laugh),.
Out of all the broadcasters in the show I think I’m mostly glad about Chuck
D because he seems like a welcome voice to the cause – and not a professional
pundit. Janeane Garofalo has always puzzled me. She seems to have gone really
far and gained visibility with relatively minor output. She’s got the wise-ass
broad act down pat and she is sometimes funny.

I do wish they’d use Democracy Now as their news source – that would be great.
I just feel like there’s a big lack of scholarship behind the channel – that
they are going to get in the same trouble as the conservatives. The whole schedule
seems so New York-centric (note lack of timezones on the website). Maybe I’m
just a bitter Hoosier but I really get tired of the bi-coastal dichotomy of
media (especially online).

Note to all commentators. Potshots at appearance get old fast (says I who got
mileage out of this). Condi Rice doesn’t look reptilian – she looks tired and
scared shitless.

Major points off for only having their streaming in RealAudio. If they really
were into freedom and democracy they’d have it in MP3 or Ogg.

If they were super-smart, they’d snap up Bob Edwards to do their news.

One thing I don’t understand about radio hosts is why they scream to get heard.
You really don’t have to do that. You have mics and you have volume – just cut
the caller off. No need to scream. And having each team do a three-hour block
gets really… long.

In other news I just used shea butter before I went to bed last night on my
hands and feet. I had a giggle fit as I realized I’d just buttered myself. It
reminds me of the Seinfeld where Kramer butters himself to moisturize.






6 responses to “Air America Radio”

  1. Terrance Avatar

    I don’t know why, but that thing about rubbing shea butter on your feet sounded sexy to me. Hmmm.

    Finally, a liberal propagandist voice on the radio? I don’t think so, NPR and Pacifica has been around for decades. As far as the shameful comments on Condi Rice, well I guess thats what we should expect from Al and his ilk.

  2. David Avatar

    In another life I worked for a talk radio station in Tampa. Yes, I was the token gay liberal. Talk radio always irritated me too much to listen long, I always blamed the conservatives. Now,the liberals are just as annoying. Sorry, I guess I can’t get past wanting music from my radio.

  3. sam Avatar

    Yet another one refers to lefties as “ilk.” It sounds like a very redneckish term.

  4. flounder Avatar

    Well, I tuned into the “Randi Rhodes” show. If you think RUSH is abrasive and vile, you haven’t seen what the left is capable of…

  5. Andy Avatar

    re: Randi Rhodes. I know. Oh my God. It’s like the Linda Richman character from Saturday Night Live.

  6. Citizen Daryl Avatar

    The reason they stream in RealAudio is because one of the primary financial backers is (I’m pretty sure) the CEO of RealNetworks. Anyhow, there is a great open source player for Real streams, called RealAlternative.

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