AIDS, Teen Sex and Poverty

The smartest thing I’ve read all week:

I can’t never stop marveling on how conservatives on their stubborn myopia, seen to make most problem they tackle a lot worst, but what is more amusing is that they don’t see it.

For example:

Let’s fight poverty → cut off social programs → so people work harder to be richer (never mind they don’t have education)

Let’s Improve security → give guns to everybody → so they can defend themselves (never mind that criminals are more likely to get them first, and encounters with criminals are more deadly)

Let’s find AIDS in Africa → tell people “not to have sex” and don’t give them condoms → so they can’t transmit the virus (never mind that most women get AIDS from their husbands)

At least with the “virginity pledge” their is a happy outcome (for those who are into the anal business) too bad conservatives are the most likely to be mortified by the consequences.

If it weren’t so tragic, it would be really funny and cute.






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