Active Spiritual Seeker

Took’s quiz on my spiritual type.:

You scored 42, on a scale of 25 to 100. Here’s how to interpret your score: Active Spiritual Seeker ? Spiritual but turned off by organized religion

Sounds good to me!

Take the quiz yourself…






One response to “Active Spiritual Seeker”

  1. Jay Avatar

    i am so very proud of myself! i scored a spectacularly low 29 points and was labelled a “die-hard sceptic”! how brilliant is that?! cheers!

    Active Spritual Seeker #2

    I added this “chicago blogs” webring (to the right, under links). First one I clicked to read had this link to “What’s Your Spritual Type”, so I took it. Active Spiritual Seeker (Andymatic) You scored 43, on a scale of…

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