A Welfare Office Worker Clears Up Common Misconceptions

A welfare worker challenges idiocy in a Reddit thread:

“Firstly, it’s barely any money. It’s pathetically small. If you’ve heard of people making 40k on Welfare, they are a rare exception who get it because of bizarre newsworthy loopholes. Everyone I saw today in the welfare office was pretty unhappy, and desperately poor. I literally (no, not figuratively, literally) hear caseworkers say every day, “If the clients just had a part time job, they’d do so much better than they are now.” And this is true. Benefits do not decrease in a strictly linear fashion, and so it’s much better for people to work and receive partial benefits. Is anyone in this thread going to yell at welfare recipients because their minimum wage job is not enough money and they need foodstamps and maybe medical coverage to make up the difference? That’s a corporate problem. Foodstamps don’t cost the government that much and drive local businesses (you may not see it, but your grocery store takes a lot of EBT–foodstamp–money. People are just discreet about it.) But if you’d rather have your local gas station attendants, newspaper stand vendors, fast food workers, landscapers and so on all starve–well, I guess that would save the government some money. TL;DR Welfare sucks, fraud is much harder than you think, most people on welfare are there because of tragedy and not poor planning, and the program pushes the majority of clients out of itself in relatively short order.

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