A Week in Orlando

I’m really excited. I just realized that the conference I’m going to Orlando means an entire week there! I haven’t had a real ‘vacation’ since last summer so I’m looking forward to spending a week with future and current colleagues, clients and customers. Very excited. The conference is in the middle of Disney’s Gay Days, where once a year the entire park turns super-Disney and super-Gay – can’t think of anything more abrasive than that. Usually there’s undercover Christian groups spying and hoping to take photos of sex acts in the bushes of EPCOT.

In other news – I finally got a new desktop machine. I opted for a cheapo eMachine: 2.7 GHz, 40 GB hard drive with 256 RAM. Also got a secondary 14″ LCD display. That means I have to pillage the video card from the old machine and put it in the new box.

It is sort of cleansing to start with a brand new empty machine – I moved all my files over yesterday – I have so much data it is nuts. Uninstalled all the pre-fab stuff I’ll never use and then started installing all the other apps that I like. Need to get the firewall on here.






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  1. sam Avatar

    Awesome. New computers always rock, and I’ve never heard anyone complain about their eMachine, at least no more than any other brand.

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