A Desolate Tale (Fiction)

From /r/writingprompts:

“So the Earth had dried up. What limited resources left would not sustain much longer.

It was no surprise, people have seen it coming a hundred years ago. The world government had put together a last-ditch effort, and funded the conception of a spaceship named the Ark. The team consisted of nearly half of the remaining population. They trained long and hard for many months, studying late into the night for survival and colonization, driven by the responsibility on their shoulders to find humans, their brethern another home. They were pioneers, they were heroes. They brought loved ones aboard, so that they may reproduce on the journey that will outlast them.

Captain looked out the window of the Ark. What a fine machine. He watched the hardened faces of his people load up the craft, commending each their bravery and their volunteer for the survival of the human race. Today was the big day.

Of course, the Ark never made it out.

Science never got that far, what a bunch of idiots to have believed that a ship could travel for light-years.

The remaining populace all knew, some were sad, others rejoiced. They bought a little bit more time.”

Full story and reaction http://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/comments/219yo9/wp_nsfw_destroy_my_soul_a_challenge_to_write_the/cgb500r

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