A 58-Year-Old Retiree Looks Back in Regret

From the Get Disciplined sub-reddit:

“Okay, friend – here it is from the other end of life. I retired last year at the age of 58 from a career in IT. I spent most of my life doing exactly what you’re doing, in school, work, relationships…and now when I look back my biggest regret is that I never pushed myself to see what I could achieve if I truly gave it my all. Don’t get me wrong – I worked for 40 years and I worked hard at every job, but my procrastination left me doing nearly everything at the last minute and thinking exactly what you’re thinking – boy, what amazing things I could have done if I had more time. I did end my career working for a large corporation and making decent money, but a huge part of me knows that I could have been so much more. I understand that it’s partly fear of failure and partly fear of success, but that knowledge is not much comfort when you’re almost 60 years old and there are many more years behind you than in front of you. PLEASE don’t do what I did. PLEASE push yourself and test yourself and let yourself be every great thing that you can be.”

Full thread http://www.reddit.com/r/getdisciplined/comments/1wtuxq/this_time_is_different_ill_honestly_believe/cf5davh





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