4 AM and counting…

Sitting here in bed. It is 3:39 am – Ron is asleep to my left and I’ve got WinAmp open on the laptop playing the Madonna directory in my music files. I’ve rigged my MP3 files to replicate and update between my desktop and my laptop. I do like having a wireless connection. And I love keeping all of the files I’m editing on my laptop – that way if the desktop crashes then I can have my recent files with me all the time. Still need to do my monthly backup to CD. Probably just going to stay up all night and then go to the gym when it opens at 5:30 and do some cardio.

It has been a busy week and I took some time in my journal yesterday to recognize the immense accomplishment of the past week. I delivered 6 hours of brand spanking new teleclass training that I designed myself, hosted, promoted, webcast and teleconferenced all by my little self. The only technical part I didn’t get in the mix this time was being able to record the classes to then encode as RealMedia to stream off my website. I’ll probably aim for that one in the coming weeks. I start HTML101 next week and the Excel class as well. And the lady that I had in my HTML class last night was all about an Outlook class, so I guess I’ll put that one in the development fast track. I got great kudos on my teaching skills from all of my participants (I lay that talent to my seasoned educator parentals).

Ron and I treated ourselves to a fancy dinner at Jack’s tonight. Had roasted chicken breast with potatoes, crab cakes to appetize and a dark chocolate cake for dessert. The sensible eating strategy fell to shit this week. I’m not eating particularly badly – but not really being in the mode of eating 5-6 times a day and focusing on keeping high starch out of the mix so I don’t get any sugar spikes.

Doing more research on any suppressed studies on ZOloft’s effects in causing or amplifying the effects of panic disorder. Maybe getting one of those UV lamps in here would help that out. I have been inordinately tired this week. Didn’t get up early and to the gym one day this week. But I decided not to berate myself for that – especially when I’d spend 8 hours at the day job and then come home and do at least one more hour of emailing and then two hours of teleclass leading.

There is a sharp draft in the bedroom that cuts like a knife. I might find some kind of tape of some sort to use on the windows. The window in the living room is warped and always has at least an 1/8th inch gap in closing it. Which would be bearable except it aims right at my head when I’m at my desktop – so I’m sure that’s bound to cause a head cold. I need to tell the landlord about that along with the couple tiles in the shower that seem to be falling out.

Ron announced that he’s going to paint his apartment during hiws extended vacation. I started quizzing him on dropcloths and painting guards for walls and windows and masking tape. I’m going to try to keep my nose out of this task unless asked. Mom and dad always swore they’d never do wallpaper together because they always come close to divorce.

I had a brief shake-awake dream where I was walking into the bathroom and I could hear my dad snoring in another room and I was scared that if I looked in the mirror that I would have yellow glowing eyes – like a cat. I walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror and my eyes are exactly that. I jerk wake and dad’s snoring becomes the sound of Ron’s breathing as he sleeps. The boy sleeps like a frigging log.

Been sitting here reading most of the new Wired magazine. The four articles on files sharing are great reading. The coolest thing I thought is they are talking about the company that distributes the Kazaa file-sharing application. And that they have the Kazaa free file sharing network and then the added in a piggy back app that creates a network from that network that can then be used to leverage content being paid for with micropayments. Essentially – they’ve done what the entertainment industry should have already done – found a way to deploy a convenient and ubiquitous platform to serve and share content with digital rights management built right in. Totally cool idea.

I am cooking a new design for my blog. A lot better than the genericness you now witness. Still going to make it very white-spacey but the front page will have a tiled section of thumbnails that link to other sites that I frequent and enjoy. I like it a lot.






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