It is nearly midnight. Ron and I are on our 8th episode of 24. We
watched episodes 1-4 a week ago and my guess is we are going to have to watch
another four episodes every night possible until we have watched the whole series
(recently released on DVD). This is great television. I am totally hooked and can’t
wait for the new season. Rent it!


Shit shit shit! I swear to God that if Blockbuster was open still, Ron and I would
renting the remaining 16 hours of 24. After squirming through nearly all of
episode 8…. I can’t sleep now! Ron said, “I hate you for making me watch this! Maybe
they’re still open and we can knock on the window and they’ll at least give us
the next DVD. I hate this – my hair is standing on end and I’m sweating.” This is
good TV. Brigitte is gonna be a basketcase and Heather would chew her nails
down to her wrists.






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  1. Michael Avatar

    24 will never let you go. It makes you keep watching!!

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