2004 Olympics

I’ve watched very little of the Olympics so far. I just feel the greedy organization and tactics behind the planning of the events degrades any sense of sportsmanship. A few observations:

I think that coverage should be broadcast with 2 audio channels – one with commentary and one without. I don’t need to hear American broadcasters masturbate themselves when Peter Hamm totally screws up a dismount.

The coolest thing I’ve seen yet is when the women’s swimming relay was near setting a world record and they super-imposed a ‘world record’ line on the screen so you could see the record catching up with her and seeing if she’d surpass it. That was really slick.

I also like how when the first swimmer gets to the end of the pool a little flag graphic pops up – I just think that is so smooth.

Ron is already plotting how we can get in on the Gay Games here in Chicago in 2006.






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  1. Rebel Prince Avatar

    Amen. The commentary drives me crazy.

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