You Have to Choose (Yugoslavia 1992)

Eyewitness account of the 1992 war in Yugoslavia: “We are home now sitting around the dining table. Dad is chain smoking. The phone is ringing constantly. They are talking to friends, family, the TV is on. Parents ignore my questions as I try to find out what is going on. From what I understand – there are 3 sides and they are all fighting each other. I know that the Croats are across the river. I know that the Serbs are in the next town over. I hear that the Muslims are the majority in our town supposedly. But…what does that even mean? Who the fuck are we? My parents were raised as Yugoslavs. My whole life, all I had known was that I was in Yugoslavia and was a Yugoslav. What the fuck am I now? Are we supposed to choose? It is super tense in our house that evening as it is in all other households. You HAVE to make a choice. Time is running out. As night falls you can now see the explosion flashes on the horizon. It is rumbling. You can even hear small arms fire now. I go to sleep.”

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