100k in CA Lose Unemployment Benefits

Maybe now they’ll stuff living off the nannystate and get a job: (I’m kidding)

A modern record in California, no one wanted to see.  Friday, our state’s unemployment rate is 12.6 percent. Millions of you are without jobs and tens of thousands of people are about to lose unemployment benefits. While the new unemployment rate is a record, it only jumped .01% from February.  Though California added jobs, 2.3 million people are still unemployed.  And even though President Barack Obama approved an 18 billion dollar measure to extend jobless benefits it’s too late for a lot of you. For 100,000 Californians that extension won’t work because by this weekend, their unemployment benefits are up, and that means more people coming through the employment office doors looking for jobs, have been doing it for a long time.

via KION – Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz – News Weather.






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