1 Minute at a Time

I love the movie Fight Club. I’m sure you think I’m a total tool given that the movie posits all of these anti-corporate statements and is gleefully nihilist but remained a media product of the Hollywood system. I still love it. I had it on my laptop while I was working on my desktop last night. I do that with movies – just let them play while I’m working – instead of playing music – they start to seep into you more. Like when I watched Aliens this weekend – I always notice something new about that movie – and how expertly it is plotted and edited. This time I noticed why Ripley has Bishop fly them back into the nest under the reactors – that’s where they had take Newt in the service tunnel. I’d never noticed that before. Or that Burke’s business card has the same logo as the terraformer company. Anyway – this time with Fight Club I had one quote stick with me as I slept:

This is your life. And it’s ending one minute at a time.

Who would you be if you were Tyler Derden?






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  1. Jef Avatar

    My first thought is “sporty, yet casual,” but I think you are implying how I would live my life based upon the thought of my life ending one minute at a time.

    The altruistic side of me would like to be a motivational speaker and teach people around the world the tools to improve the quality of their life, especially young people. I would help people unlearn all the misconceptions and untruths that hold them back.

    The materialistic part of me would have liked to have taken a job that would have allowed me to travel the world, have many lovers and earn enough money to retire young and spend the rest of my life reading the classics.

    Then there is a seedy side of myself that would have liked to have been a versatile porn star with a filthy reputation. If you can shave your nether regions and expose your anus to a video camera, it doesn’t seem like much is going to hold you back, huh?

    i’ve heard that some can hardly imagine reading the book upon which the film is based once having seen it, then again they seem to be the suzanne sugarbakers of the world who believe that if a novel is any good it’ll be made into a movie so why read it in the first place?! if you do have the time, i recommend picking up fight club, right along with the subsequent palahniuk novels… brilliant! certain rather important things are much more explicit and meaningful in the novel… 😉 cheerio!

  2. arcana imperii Avatar

    one minute at a time

    andy just reminded me of the importance of seizing the day (and the night) via that one particulalry catchy phrase from fight club: ?this is your life. and it’s ending one minute at a time.? this is no primal call to abandon responsibility, but indee…

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