Zoloft, 100mg qd

As a pre-emptive strike against seasonal discord and the stress of personal economics, I had my doctor up my anti-depressants to 100mg per day. If I suddenly start blogging really happy things all the time – you’ll know that it’s too much.

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  1. Is it really necessary to put a patient on 1 zoloft 100mg tablet 3x daily along with 1 80 mg of geodon 3x daily and 1 mg of xanax 1 tab four times a day, 30 mg or mirtazapine 1-2 tablets at bedtime and zyrexa 5 mg, 1 4x daily. also taken are pills for high blood pressure (norvasc 5 mg), tricor (145mg), Diovan for blood pressure along with adderral. This seems like over medicating the patient, perhaps why the patient has a flat effect with social phobias?

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