Yuppies Hit Dry Land

The overzealous residents of the Dakota condo complex, situationed next to Circuit nightclub aren’t satisfied. They managed to kill Circuit’s business by making them turn their music down and installing soundproofing. Note that the condo complex was built long after this strip of Broadway became partyboy central. Now they want to make the whole precinct dry. I think this is so goddamned stupid. You moved into the middle of Boystown and now you’re bitching that it’s noisy out? Get a fucking clue. What do you think anchors the economy where you live? All those nice shops and restaurants you wow your friends from the suburbs with are there because of the diversity and the buying power of gay consumers. It’s like every other year the residents of Wrigleyville get their panties twisted because of the Mardi Gras atmosphere around the ballpark before and after a game.

A guy I talked to last night said he has friends that live in that building and they don’t notice any noise and the city has yet to find them in violation of the noise ordinance. Broadway and Grace is probably one of the safest intersections to be at in Chicago at 4 am Saturday morning.

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  1. Well, the Waxworks in the Dakota have been trying to tone down the neighborhood since they barely allowed Lennon to move in. You should post an e-mail address, Andy. I’d like to talk to you off-line.

  2. Hey Veloci – I’m taking your email address off that comment above so spambots don’t get it. I sent ya an email.

  3. Yuppies are the most irritating addition to society that I’ve ever seen. As if having lots of material posessions and a huge house can compensate for the fact that they really crave their favorite baseball players in their daily masturbatory fantasies more than that of their wives.
    Tell the yuppies to go away. Perhaps going around and posting a lot of pro-gay banter on their doors or car bumper stickers will prompt a swift leaving of the annoying lot right back to suburbia!

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