Yes, Dear

Why am I watching Yes, Dear at 12:30 in the morning?

I think it was the four classes of ice tea + the victory milkshake at dinner.

I always try and watch this show but good God it is so horrendously awful and unfunny.

I can almost hear the careers of the cast plummet as you watch each joke fall flat on it’s ass.

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2 replies on “Yes, Dear

  1. The cast had careers before this show? The only one I recognized was the chick from Mr. Holland’s Opus. They should have cancelled the show before the boy got a mullet. I really think that is one of the main reasons why people hate us around the world. The mullet…eeeew!

  2. Anthony Clark is also (or at least WAS) an engaging comedian before this show. He was in a different one, “Boston Commons,” which was streets ahead of this one. He’s also pretty hot to look at (and I HEARD that he was gay!). However, since this show, he grates on my nerves like sandpaper on Rita Coolidge’s face…

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