Women Who Encouraged Toddler Bumfight Escape Jail Sentences

Nice to see the UK keeping up:

Four “callous” women who forced a pair of toddlers into fighting and filmed them as they punched each other today escaped jail sentences. The women, all from the same Plymouth family, goaded the boy and girl into hitting each other until they cried, and called the boy a “wimp” and a “faggot” when he did not fight back. The incident was filmed on a video camera and discovered by chance by a person, who reported it to social services, Plymouth crown court heard.

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4 replies on “Women Who Encouraged Toddler Bumfight Escape Jail Sentences”

  1. Welp,(‘squze me whilst i spit mi tabacci) how elsn ye gunna keep yer younguns frum being heathen fags burnin in hell? ya’ll jest don’t reconIze the fruit of intelecktual dee-zine.

  2. Ah, the joy of Chavs.

    I’d also quite like to know if the kids were taken off them, since this doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere. And if not, why not?

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