Why Is There a War on Drugs?

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There is a war on drugs because the people who control the State do not want to be stuck answering the phone, they want an excuse to break down your door. In other words, they don’t want to be limited to providing dispute resolution services, they want an instrument of social control that they can extend. Real dispute resolution has to serve the requirements of the customer (a member of the public calls up and says that someone has stolen his car, requiring you to try and find it). The state in this role is at the beck and call of the public. If the public just goes about its own business, the state has nothing to do. However, victimless crimes offer a whole new opportunity for actively interfering in peoples lives: now the state is truly following its own agenda and can try to arrest people without the pesky problem of needing a complainant.

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  1. All these declared wars (War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Terrorism) are really means of advancing political agendas or of garnering large amounts of money to make the powers in charge rich, as well as to have monies available for bribes, political pandering, etc. These wars are declared in order to make it look like the politicos are taking charge of the problem and for making the public feel good so they can forget about it. These wars are never really meant to be won, nor could any of them ever be using the poor strategies they do. They are self-perpetuating wells for money to be dropped into at excessive rates.

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