Why I Don’t Miss Dating

Palochi’s top ten dating peeves:

1. Do not wear a rugby jersey, workout pants, and Adidas gym shoes when meeting someone for the first time at a nice restaurant. And if you’re even thinking about wearing FLIP-FLOPS with CAPRI PANTS, don’t even bother showing up.

Who’s idea was capri pants for men? Ugh. Nothing drives me batty more than slow-walking Faggy McFeyFey ambling down the street conspicuously on a cellphone talking about how fantastic they are.

Can you imagine if the perpetuation of the species relied on these kind of idiots? Thank god for women! 

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3 replies on “Why I Don’t Miss Dating

  1. And, by the way, you think I’ve only got TEN pet peeves? How long have you guys known me now? I’m a walking pet peeve breeder.

    Well… not exactly a “breeder”… you know what I mean.

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