Where Penises Come From

Continuing the theme of the previous post:

So I was just browsing through some fun journals (Integrative and Comparative Biology, always good for some unusual stuff) and ran across a paper with a wonderful title: “The Functional Morphology of Penile Erection: Tissue Designs for Increasing and Maintaining Stiffness.” If that kind of thing will sell commercial air time during the Super Bowl, it’s got to be popular.

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5 replies on “Where Penises Come From

  1. oh my god, all i can say is, where do they come from? from fucking heaven baby! oh yeah!

    There’s nothing i love more than getting home from work and sitting at my bureau to write a letter to my pen pal. Now how could I do that without a pen huh?

  2. oh my lord, i just realised that this blog is about penises not pens. umm, sorry guys.


  3. Everytime i have trouble ‘maintaing stiffness’ i just think back to my old Geography teacher, Ms Baines. She never fails to get my little general standing to attention.

    I remember going on a school trip once and there weren’t enough seat for everyone on the coach so she sat on my lap.

    She must have felt the bulge of helmet rising like a monster from the depths of my chinos, but she never let on.

    Obviously nothing happened at the time, but when we got to our destination (France) i hid and milked myself like a cow.

    Great days!

  4. Where do penises come from? I’ll tell you, mine comes STRAIGHT OUTTA NOWEHERE!!!!

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