Weetabix logo and package.

Found these at the grocery on Sunday night. They’re from the UK so if any readers from across the pond have service suggestions, lemme know. They are wheat and barley in kind of a thick cracker texture. Good with peanut butter.

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  1. The usual way to serve them is as a breakfast cerial. Poor milk on them until they float… Some kids like to wait until they are completely soggy before eating, others like to break them up. Warm milk makes them soggy faster.

  2. We grew up with them in Canada.

    I take 2, mix with some french vanilla yogurt and fresh/frozen berries.

    They are basically mini wheats without the icing.

  3. I would like to ask why or if you have changed the ingredients of the weetabix – I have been eating them for over 10yrs – they now taste awfull – they are also a different colour – I certainly wont be eating them anymore…

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