War Mongering Roundup

Condi calls this ‘birth pangs’ of a new middle east.

Lebanese Presdient accuses Israel of using white phosphorous (neo-napalm).

Israel using clusterbombs on civilians (break int’l law).

US testing laser missile defense in Iraq.

900,000 Lebanese refugees displaced from their homes.

US supplies Israel with a whole new arsenal of weaponry to continue bombing.

UN official accuses Israel of violating int’l law.

UN unable to deliver aid since infrastructure is broken down.

Hezbollah continues to fire rockets into Haifa.

SF Chronicle reports Israel planned this attack a year ago.

60 die in Iraq (car bomb).

US soldiers in Haditha were ordered to ‘kill all military-age males.’

Jordan tortuing terror suspects on behalf of US.

Israeli officials see lack of US veto as permission to bomb for at least another week.

(from here and here)

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