Viet Vu

iraqishooting.gif ABC World News Tonight had footage today taken from an Apache helicopter at night. They were surveying three Iraqi men suspiciously meeting in the middle of a road – perhaps weapons trading. The soldiers check in with their commander who is observing from remote and concludes: ‘Smoke ’em.’ The helicopter guns down the three men. No questions. No investigation. No arrest. Killed them on the spot instantly on national television. I’m stunned. The fact that this footage was released in the first place points to a sense of invincibility and arrogance of the Pentagon. It’s like Vietnam all over again.

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  1. Danny O'Bryan

    like vietnam putting soldiers in harms way in very small numbers is a sur way to make everyone trigger happy..The soldiers are acting like any one that’s not sure a shoulder mounted missle will take them down.Bush has no business putting our kids over there……………

    that’s my name don’t wear it out

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