U.S. Opens Up McIsrael Franchise in Iraq

tax dollars at work:

  • Wrapping entire villages in barbed wire
  • Demolishing buildings thought to be used by Iraqi attackers
  • Imprisoning the relatives of suspected guerrillas

But it’s alright because Capt. Todd Brown, a company commander with the Fourth
Infantry Division says:

“You have to understand the Arab mind. The only thing they understand
is force

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One reply on “U.S. Opens Up McIsrael Franchise in Iraq”

  1. “The only thing they understand is force ? force, pride and saving face.”

    Funny, that’s the same thing I would say about neo-cons. Although, political philosophies are a bit different than generalizing a diverse ethnic population, which tends to be a neo-con calling card. Whoa. Too much irony.

    I’ve missed you!!!!!! Love the new place 🙂


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