US Can Detain US Citizens Indefinitely

[T]he US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that José Padilla, a suspected al-Qaeda operative who US officials say was planning to carry out a terrorist attack inside the US, could be detained as an “enemy combatant” without any review by US civilian courts… Mr, Bush had been given such powers by the congressional declaration authorising military force following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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  1. as the investgation as to why the food and water was 3-4 days in comming .The governor of Lou.said they did not want people to rush to the super dome so they kept the food and wate at a distance until the national gaurd was ready and in place……This is an event of Bibical scale…….The animals are being sent all over the country to willing pet owners………Why is the government not giving people a choice to relocate/Burn The city…….free the people……..

  2. What defines “enemy combatant?” The courts need define this to within a razor’s edge of clarity. Otherwise, you could end up holding people who are solely critical of the government, but not legitimately making intent to cause physical harm.

    Like, for example, a lot of bloggers I know… including myself.

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