The Catholic Church decides to hide behind the myth that homosexuals have uncontrollable sex urges. That’s just great. If priests are celibate – does it matter who they are not supposed to be sleeping with – as long as they aren’t doing it? Plus, reinforcing the stereotype that those that sexually abuse minors are uncontrollable fuck-hungry faggots.

Published by Andy

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  1. I dislike when people use religion to mask their own discomfort. Also, as you mentioned, priests are celibate: why does it matter from whom they refrain from having sexual relations? I think the obvious is also being overlooked: if God finds gays so damn (no pun intended!) offensive, He can smite them when they enter His house. I haven’t noticed that happening, yet. I don’t think it’s the place of men to assume what the Creator wants…especially when human error allows too much room for interpreting one’s own motivations for that of their god.

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