Typhoid, Mary

Back from the doc. Ron has had a raging case of something in the past few days running fevers of 100 to 103 degrees (Fahrenheit, y’all). He rarely gets ill (I think it is from building up resistance to bugs as a flight attendant, my parents were the same way as elementary school teachers). But when he gets sick, it is all out.

I wished I’d dragged him to the doctor yesterday, especially since his fever edged up to 103 a few times and I think 105 is when you brain starts to cook – or is that 110? (I don’t want my brain to cook! Ron exclaimed as I talked things over with my parents – we both called our parents for their input on the illness – his mom said go to the ER but I thought that they’d just tell us to sit there since nothing was broken or bleeding – my mom and dad said watch the temp).

Ron’s malaprops get more entertaining, though:

Honey, I think I’m delirium.

A strep culture brought back a positive so he has been sent home with Vicodin (yay!) and Augmentin. I think that if I still had my tonsils I’d definitely have his strep – or maybe I’m just incubating. Regardless, I’m chugging that generic Airborn fizzy drink from CVS.

I do have to say that I come from a long line of caretakers and I like being able to take care of someone like this. I haven’t slept a whole lot and stayed up late reading Collapse where he talks about the Easter Island statues.

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  1. I think that’s the nicest thing. To take care of someone and be able to prove how much you love them. I’d lived that in the past and it’s a beautiful experience. hey man, i love reading your site, it is very funny and makes my day!! Stay in touch!!

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