TV Turnoff Week

I plum forgot. It’s TV Turnoff Week. That’s right. No TV for you!

We did something just like this in elementary school called Tubebusters where we got T-shirts for not watching TV for a week. We even had a music video to the the tune of Ghostbusters.

I do think I need to do an Internet Turnoff Week. I am definitely in need of an overall mediafast.

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5 replies on “TV Turnoff Week

  1. Diddo. Damn I need a break from everything……except Bud Light !

    TV Turn-off week? They’ll take my remote when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. Same goes for my keyboard & mouse.

  2. I “plum” forgot to mention that I only drink twice or thrice a year. And I don’t f*ck around with “analogous” substances 😉 Five days without TV, phone, internet or Air Conditioning have served me well. I recommend it.

  3. It is hard to admit that I am unable to accomplish that goal. Although, the past six months I am definately watching less TV than I have before.

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