tuesday, august 28

Felt really down yesterday. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. I’m thinking it might be from not breathing well due to the ragweed just blooming. I’m highly hooched up on Benadryl and ephedrine. I like the word hooch. I makes me giggle. Watched Hannibal last night. Beautifully done (of course, it’s Ridley) – but not remarkable at all. Pretty boring. The plot is almost as simple as Gladiator. The gore didn’t seem that awful. I was expecting much worse. And I watched both the endings on DVD and neither seemed to make much sense at all. The Verger character played by Gary Oldman was laughable, I thought – it reminded me of a Loony Toons voice – ‘yeeeah, ya see Mac? yeah…’. Cool touches with bringing back parts of the previous film – the DVD includes cut scenes such as Clarice going back to the dungeon prison from Silence of the Lambs. Wanted more suspense. Wanted more terror. Ah well…

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