A panel from Father Figure: The Truth About Homosexuality: (read this stupid bullshit here)

A fundamentalist Christian view of a gay dance club. Every dressed like their in a Anne Rice movie.

Who the fuck dresses like this? Is this some kind of dream gay bar from an Anne Rice novel?

Here’s a panel from Monkey Business: The Truth About Evolution:

A girl speaking in class.

Here’s the text since the image is garbled:

While 23 different evolution theories contradict each other, Genesis presnts only one creation story. God created heaven and earth.

Wrong again dipshit. Genesis 1 is immediately followed by and contradicted by Genesis 2. Granted, apologists say 2 is an extension of 1.

Any illustrators out there want to product some progressive-type Jack Chick-style tracts?

How about taking over the search term Truth for Youth? Anyone with me? I think we should take over lots of search terms like Focus on the Family and James Dobson and Dare to Discipline.

Oh and I’ve decided to bring back more profanity in my blog. If I’m going to have separate professional blogs and a personal one then I need to have more of a rollicking crazy time here.

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9 replies on “Truth for Youth”

  1. I look forward to more profanity. I think it is good to take over the search terms. I have to think about blogs with those topics.

    Fuck yeah!

  2. While many people have opinions about Evangelist Tim Todd which contradict each other, I have only one. Tim Todd is a douche bag.

  3. I was once handed a Chick track called “Doom Town” which was about Sodom and Gomorra. All the the gay males in it looked like Rip Taylor. It was great. But I’d love to see gay versions of those things…I wish I had the ability to draw cartoons.

  4. If only it was as simple as accepting Jesus Christ like some sort of antibiotic and wash all that gay lust away and make myself a heterosexual man. I find this very insensitive to anyone who ever grew up in the church and struggled with their sexuality and their faith. I also think the scenario was rather trite and like a soap opera and supports the myth that all homosexual males catch AIDS and die.

  5. On the last page of the homosexuality comic is a link “If you are a homosexual, for confidential help click here.” Ok, I just had to. The train wreck of a web page it brings you to offers the following homo help:
    Christian-owned Agape Auto Warranties; Christian Mystery Dinner Party Kits; Ten Commandments T-Shirt; Christian Neck Ties; Inspirational Bumper Stickers, and other assorted horseshit.
    The debate is finally over, it is neither a choice nor genetics. My automobile coverage makes me gay.

  6. I hope you realise what your saying. you are leading people astray, and I hope one day you will wake up and realize the truth homosexuality is a sin. Although Jesus died for our sins that doesn’t make it right. He will forgive you and he loves you. You need to repent and ask him to forgive you because if you keep this up you’ll end up somewhere horible a place of fire and torture a place called Hell. I don’t want you to go to hell and neather does God. He has a plan for you and if you’ll listen he’ll tell you what that is. If you have any questions my email address is Angelwings91_247@yahoo.com

  7. Jef,
    If you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior it means he’ll hold a place for you in heaven. You have to ask him to take away that lust and free you from homosexuality. If you email me I will answer all your questions Angelwings91_247@yahoo.com. Meanwhile I’ll keep praying for all of you guys, and I will keep trusting God to change your hearts, but you have to be willing.

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