TrueMajority on CNN

Wolf Blitzer grilling Ben Cohen. Cohen calls for reduction in nuclear arms – Wolf keeps shooting back with – what if the Russians become bad? What if they shoot down all the missiles we’re launched?

There is simply no perspective that having more than enough missiles to blow up the world is too much.

Oh shit – Wolf just said those magic words:

Post 9/11

That is our 21st Century Godwin. Stop all debate and dissent.

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3 replies on “TrueMajority on CNN

  1. Don’t forget those volatile commie Canadians. What if they start launching mooses and maple trees at us, Ben Cohen? What then?

  2. And what kinda name is “Wolf Blitzer” anyway? To me, it sounds like an evil minion archenemy who battled Captain America during WWII.

    I think we need to worry about ol’ “Wolf” going bad.

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