Towards Nationalized Health Care

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Most Americans are unaware that the United States is the only country in the developed world that doesn’t already have a fundamentally public–that is, tax-supported–health care system.

The United States now has the most expensive health care system on earth and, despite remarkable technology, the general health of the U.S. population is lower than in most industrialized countries. Worse, Americans’ mortality rates–both general and infant–are shockingly high.

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  1. Well, you could always have a system like ours – one where we get taxed and taxed and taxed again, while the system lurches from one disaster to another.

    I think this conversation with my mother about her recent health issues (multiple hospital visits, lost records, uncaring doctors, general ineptitude) said it all:

    Mum: …it’s getting embarrassing, I don’t want to go to see the doctor or tell him I have any more problems.

    Me: Er…you are *paying* for this via your taxes, you have every right to go as much as you need.

    Mum: Yeah, but you can tell he’s getting angry. He gets bad-tempered after a while.

    Me: Whaaaat? It’s his job to sort this stuff out!

    Mum: He has no patience and a terrible bedside manner. At least he’s a good doctor though. The lady doctor wouldn’t give me anything despite how bad I felt, and the Irish doctor just wanted to give me a blood test which I knew wouldn’t find anything – and it didn’t.

    Me: What happened about the hospital results?

    Mum: They don’t know anything about it. When I ask, he says there’s no record. They said they would do the tests and then work off the results, but no-one’s heard anything about it since and now there’s no record of any tests ever being done. When I ring up, I just get fobbed off.

    Me: Jeez, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

    People often say that our health system (the NHS) is like something from a third world country. It’s rapidly turning into a joke. See for some nice examples.

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