Too Many Debates

I mean really. Do we have to hear from these guys this many times? These aren’t debates. These are moderated discussions. They’ve cut out Kucinich so they look like they are from the left.

Bill Clinton wasn’t the first black president. He was the maybe first modern ‘born poor’ president.

Many have perhaps forgotten about Bill, speaking in the last pulpit King stood in, telling blacks in 1993 how disappointed “Dr. King would be [in them] if he were alive today”, because of black on black crime. “Crime” has long been a white politician’s code to signal, “I can stick it to blacks.”

For good measure, he made sure to oversee the execution of convicted killer Ricky Ray Rector, a brain-damaged black man, in the heat of the primaries.

Obama is fortunate he wasn’t busted [for cocaine use] during Bill Clinton’s years in office. Clinton left behind a larger, darker prison population than when he took office. Black incarceration rates during the Clinton years surpassed those during Ronald Reagan’s eight years.

One Clinton initiative required citizens, mostly black, in public housing to surrender their Fourth Amendment, or privacy, rights.

But I am just as sure that if Obama went after Hillary Clinton to reveal the real record of the period she seems intent on restoring, h e would be savagely attacked for playing the race card by the very same media that is fawning over him now.

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  1. At least they’re letting Dennis’s buddy Ron Paul in the debates still. Like Dennis, he’s the only one talking about real issues. At least they’ll still be the only Congressmen with any balls the next coule-a years.

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