Time Licks Coulter

Ugh… Time magazine scrapes the bottom of the barrel and finds Anne Coulter under it’s grimy, feces-crusted fingernails:

Readers still don’t know the real Ann Coulter. They don’t know the real Ann Coulter because Time carefully hid her from view, glorifying her legal work, whitewashing her habitual lies, and downplaying her – at best – grossly inappropriate rhetoric.

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4 replies on “Time Licks Coulter”

  1. I agree with Jimmy’s use of the big “C” word. If anyone deserves such a horrible title, it is that she-devil skag. I have never met the woman, and hope I am able to restrain myself from just punching her in her horse-face if I do.
    Part of me does take a small comfort in the fact that her money is being “laundered” to support our community. She is extremely fond of cotoure, expensive shoes and hairstylings. The money she spends on these goes to some gay designer/stylist who then spends it on something in the community (charity, trip to Fire Island, poppers, etc.).

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