This is My Surprised Face: Millions in Int’l Katrina Aid Remains Unspent, Mismanaged

Ah Thursday!

Instead, one year after Katrina battered the Gulf Coast, none of the money given to the federal government has made its way to evacuees. With debris still choking New Orleans streets, a levee system still in need of basic upgrades (even as another hurricane season is upon us), and tens of thousands of Gulf residents still living in FEMA trailers or scattered around the country, the U.S. government has barely touched the funds donated by foreign governments. Instead, the government has handled the largest influx of foreign aid in memory with foot-dragging, clumsy bureaucracy, and money gone unspent.

I’m guessing the delay is in deciding how best to shovel the money to no-bid contractors and mercenry soldiers.

China: $5 million

UAE: $99 million

Even Rwanda: $100,000 and they don’t have the money to spare.

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