The Flying Naomis

Alrighty. I fired up the Chimoo Timer app on the Mac Mini and so I’m now doing some speedwriting which I haven’t done in forever.

I FedExed the Sony Vaio laptop off to the laptop repair place to have new hinges put in. I think that’ll make the laptop survive a couple more years. The PCG-SRX87 has been very sturdy I must say. And once the hinges are working then I can use it during my commute to get writing done. Before, if I’d push the screen beyond 90 degrees it slowly sinks to a flaccid 180 and if it is quiet you can hear muted trumpets play ‘wah-wah-wah…’

Working is going fine. Things are starting to get much more organized and have much more structure. The commmute really sucks though. Right now it is taking about and hour-45 to get out and and hour-45 back. That is one reason I’m set on getting the laptop renewed. I may or may not end of leasing a car. I’d rather not because of my carbon guilt and I am catching a ride with my onsite boss a third of the time as well. I figure I’d have to lease a hybrid or something so I don’t feel like too much of a contributor to global warming.

The cat remains more affectionate than ever when I walk into the door and have the raise to get my dress pants off before he can rub against me and get them all furred up.

It is cold as a winter tomb at work. This is a new part of the building that they’ve all moved into and it has to be about 55 degrees. I have dress pants, an undershirt and a dress shirt and I freezing. Need to get some non-Mr. Rodgers-ish sweaters to wear. And of course this is on a day when I’m not going to have a panic attack to keep me toasty.

Workouts have suffered due to the adusting to the new schedule. I simply come home and want to veg out. Ron, of course, has spent all day waiting for me to come home so he wants to talk and watch TV and etc.

At the bookstore he got a copy of Angels and Demons and I got The End of America (Naomi Wolf) and The Top 50 Conspiracy Theories. For some reason, Ron cannot resist Dan Brown’s writing. If you remember, he was enthralled by The Da Vinci Code and read it pretty much all in one day. Sure it is hokey and hackneyed but Brown is deft at keeping you turning the page with nice short chapters.

The Wolf book absolutely blew my mind. I do admit I get Naomi Wolf and Naomi Klein confused. I do want to read Klein’s new book as well. I think they should do a progressive babe tour called the The Flying Naomis.

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