The Boondocks

Two kids in The Boondocks: Girl says to boy: 'I tried to turn myself in to the FBI three times.'

Every couple weeks I realize I haven’t read The Boondocks so I trot on over to and read the past 2 weeks worth. Sometimes I wonder how this guy stays in the funny pages – so much irreverence.

4 thoughts on “The Boondocks

  1. Zavier

    man aaron is crazy youd think he would get wash up but no hes still da best , but i cant believe he hasnt been sued or fired UNBELIEVABLE

  2. PAX

    This dude is doing the necessary, AND funny as hell. That’s an unseen combo, I’m telling you. On every page of my coolbook, no question.

  3. Taylor

    McGruder is unbeleivably rich in political sarcasm, and government loathing. His panels are not only well drawn, but also give a valuable lessone for each one read. I’d love to shake THAT mans hand. Has anybody noticed the ironic naming of the main character. Huey P. Newton!?

  4. kevin

    dude, loved the book.. i woz in the US for a month but i’m back in Northern Ireland and i so want that book

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