That’s a Good Girl

I met Glenda through my professional blog. She’s a blogger and talks about accessibility (she has cerebral palsy). She is writing about the challenges of living in the internet plane – where she has greater communication enhanced by technology – and reality – where there are greater obstacles. I love this story:

A lady kindly asked if I needed help, to which I cheerily replied, "No thanks." She then proceeded to help. When I was done, she praised me, "Good girl! You’re doing good." Not sure how to reply politely, I simply gritted my teeth and smiled. Ironically, she was in a scooter too. 

Talk about mall rage.

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2 replies on “That’s a Good Girl

  1. Andy – so glad you have had a chance to meet my friend Glenda. She is truly an amazing woman who I am glad to call friend.

    If anyone needs to have their website become accessible to everyone Glenda is the person to contact! By specializing in creating accessible web sites for all she has created a terrific niche for herself.

    You really are a “good girl” Glenda 🙂

    Your friend and admirer,


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