Teen Sex Panics, Rainbow Parties and the Whoring of Young Girls

If I ever hear that my teenage daughter is performing fellatio without reciprocity she is grounded! I’m talkin’ downtown!

The conviction that nice girls are engaging in no-strings-attached, semi-anonymous fellatio is based on a genuine and puzzling change in teen sexual behavior. It is manifested in a group hysteria in which terrified adults have projected onto their children superhuman sexual capabilities and technical prowess. And it is reflective of the fact that the dominant culture in this country—one forged by the apparently opposed forces of male sexual desire and female empowerment—has abandoned girls in every possible respect.

This article goes on to talk aobut the rainbow party madness that Oprah helped to advance (never mind the logistics).

How many boys could successfully receive seven blowjobs in an hour? But asking questions like these will automatically preclude you from entering the current oral-sex hysteria, which presupposes not only that a limitless number of young American girls have taken on the sexual practices of porn queens but also that American boys are capable of having an infinite number of sexual experiences in rapid succession.

This is always the tack of adults – all them kids having that strange sex and so much of it not like we used to have – similar to the sentiment of a colleague’s husband ‘These kids! Their drugs aren’t like our drugs!’

The author also takes a look at the Frontline special The Lost Children of Rockdale County about a suburban syphillis outbreak among a group of 17 kids.

It’s a no-miss formula: descriptions of young girls performing oral sex that are so luridly specific as to seem pedophilic in the adults’ retelling, coupled with stern warnings to parents that their daughters are in harm’s way. All of which misses a less alarming but more poignant fact. What’s most worrisome about this age of blasé blowjobs isn’t what the girls might catch … it’s what the girls are almost certainly losing: a healthy emotional connection to their own sexuality and their own desire.

I think this is key – when girls seem to think their mouth or vaginas are simply orifices to be filled instead of avenues to their own ecstasy I think it degrades their own sexual power.

Is some of this related the demonizing of intercourse in general – that girls are saving them selves for vaginal intercourse but don’t think Jesus cries when they give oral sex or engage in anal intercourse? Sex feels good – it is like Chris Rock talking about drugs You don’t have to sell drugs – drugs sell themselves!

Kids will find one way or another to become sexually active. I think the more information they can have the better. When you rope off entire provinces of the human sexual experience you make things forbidden which makes them even more titillating.

Oprah skirted the one detail – many times the girls are initiating this activity:

The oral-sex hysteria has attributed to American boys not only superhuman virility but also wanton emotional cruelty. The one is laughable; the other in the main is just not the case. Like the medical dodge, the demonization of boys oversimplifies the problem and spares one the arguably sadder truth.

And I’m so glad we get to blame Clinton. AGAIN.

No, in Monica’s world Bill was a big creep because at the critical moment he withdrew the presidential organ and jacked off over the sink—a sexual decision that might once have been considered sort of thoughtful (remember the three biggest lies, anyone?) but in the new order is somehow a mark of disrespect.

Like I said, if my daughter starts blowing guys indiscriminately she’s in some deep trouble. And that’s after Ron gets through with yelling at her. God help the boyfriends that Ron gets to interview. He’ll be ruthless.

I think underlying all of this is the fear of adults that kids are having more and better sex than they did at their age.

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One reply on “Teen Sex Panics, Rainbow Parties and the Whoring of Young Girls

  1. You are so right…. even if I had know what blow jobs were (hey! I’m a child of the 50s!) even at my readiest there is NO freaking way I would have been able to have THAT much sex — 16 and horny or not!

    Our kids need guidance and love and boundaries.

    Why is that the Dutch (and likely others) somehow manage to foster a culture where sexuality is dealt with in a reasonable fashion.

    Jung probably said something like this: “That which gets repressed gets EXPRESSED” — but not in a nice way!

    The American/North American (hey, I’m Canadian) culture has sexophobia. We demonize sexuality. The result teenage sexual craziness and rampant child sex abuse.


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