Survey Says: ‘Andy’s are 8th Most Hung

A survey conducted captured the perceived hung-ness of various men’s names.

Girls were asked to list the monikers which sounded most — and least — likely to belong to a well-packaged man. BIG NAMES: 1 Dave; 2 Paul; 3 Steve; 4 James; 5 Mark; 6 Robert; 7 Chris; 8 Andy; 9 Richard; 10 Dan. [Go Dad!] SMALL NAMES: 1 Ray; 2 Brian; 3 Nigel; 4 Frank; 5 Keith; 6 Jeremy; 7 Josh; 8 Barry; 9 Dennis; 10 Nick.

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4 thoughts on “Survey Says: ‘Andy’s are 8th Most Hung

  1. JB



    Did you know there’s a TV channel here called Dave, apparently because everyone knows someone called Dave.

    And once again I’m too uncommon to even be listed…

  2. Jay J

    «extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence» and all i see is pictures of cats, ha ha!

    congrats, andy… for the time being… post the evidence!



  3. Jay

    as i thought i’d commented yesterday… «extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence». all i see is photographs of cats/kittens!



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